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The liberal/progressive imperative: Government must do something . . .

“PRINCETON, NJ — Nearly four in five Americans in June, 78%, disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job, marking the 45th consecutive month that more than two-thirds of Americans have given Congress the thumbs down. Americans’ high level of disapproval is less about what Congress is doing than about what it isn’t doing: putting aside partisan bickering and getting things done.”

From the Center:

The Gallup findings illustrate the influence of the mainstream media and progressives/liberals in convincing Americans that the federal government must constantly “do something” or the country is doomed. The poll finds that 49% of respondents agree that Congress is “not compromising” and “not getting things done.”

Yet the poll respondents haven’t a clue as to what that “something” is that Congress should do. Not one issue mentioned by poll respondents achieves more than 6% agreement of those polled as being an issue Congress should do something about!