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Bill Richardson will say Gabriel Gomez is not a “real Hispanic” . . .


The story describes the Gabriel Gomez threat to democrats:

A “child of Colombian immigrants and a fluent Spanish speaker, your candidacy will resonate with many Hispanic voters. And you will communicate better than Markey with those whose first language is Spanish.

You have the potential to siphon off not only Latino votes, but also the votes of young people and women who may view your campaign as a sign of GOP inclusiveness.

But your candidacy does more than just undermine the Democrats’ electoral strategy. It contradicts their ideological world-view and threatens to derail their policy objectives.

Why? Because your biography refutes the liberal stereotype of the permanently victimized Hispanic. Although a first-generation American who didn’t absorb English until you got to kindergarten, you easily assimilated, excelled in school, and embraced the country that welcomed your parents to its shores. You served this country as an aircraft carrier pilot and Navy SEAL, earned a Harvard MBA, and made it big in business.”