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The “art gallery” is also paid for by evil capitalists . . .

NY Post:

Hundreds of frustrated West Village residents last night spewed their anger over the city’s controversial bike-share program at a community-board meeting.

“We’re second-class citizens in our own city,” said Sean Sweeney, a member of West Village’s Community Board 2, which hosted the meeting at PS 41, and the SoHo Alliance. “They don’t care about the residents.”

He claimed that many of the bike racks now flooding SoHo are obstructing public art spaces and galleries:

“What kind of Philistine — what sort of iconoclast would destroy a public-art space to put up advertising for Citibank?”

Bloomberg and NYC unwittingly prove NRA’s point . . .

The New York Post reports that a study by the NYC Dept. of Health shows that gun deaths in NYC are down dramatically while Chicago gun murders continue to surge. How can that be when Chicago’s gun control laws are even tougher than in NYC? Simple: NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly targets the people who commit gun crimes:

“Deaths by gunfire in the city are down dramatically, far lower than the national rate, according to a new study — and Mayor Bloomberg credited his policing strategies for the downturn . . . a 31 percent decline during a time when the NYPD drastically increased its use of stop-and-frisk.

Bloomberg aides said they expect the death rate from guns would continue to drop, pointing out that murders by shooting accounted for 57 percent of total homicides in 2012 in the city, which had 419 murders last year.

By comparison, 87 percent of Chicago’s murders last year were caused by firearms, a Bloomberg aide noted.”