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DC Navy Yard Terrorist is poster child for Progressives . . .


So the DC Navy Yard killer was obsessed with violent video games peddled by the progressives from Hollywood and the Silicon Valley, was pushed over the edge by President Obama’s ceaseless racial and class warfare and was granted a security clearance by the federal government while being treated by the federal government for paranoia and “hearing voices in his head” so that he could use the shotgun recommended by Joe Biden to facilitate mass murder?

And this will somehow be the fault of the NRA and the Tea Party? Got it.

And could someone let Sen. Feinstein know that the perpetrator with a security badge could have used a knife or a club and the element of surprise to subdue the guard/officer from whom he obtained the first handgun. “Gun Control” is irrelevant to this crime.

The liberal/progressive imperative: Government must do something . . .

“PRINCETON, NJ — Nearly four in five Americans in June, 78%, disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job, marking the 45th consecutive month that more than two-thirds of Americans have given Congress the thumbs down. Americans’ high level of disapproval is less about what Congress is doing than about what it isn’t doing: putting aside partisan bickering and getting things done.”

From the Center:

The Gallup findings illustrate the influence of the mainstream media and progressives/liberals in convincing Americans that the federal government must constantly “do something” or the country is doomed. The poll finds that 49% of respondents agree that Congress is “not compromising” and “not getting things done.”

Yet the poll respondents haven’t a clue as to what that “something” is that Congress should do. Not one issue mentioned by poll respondents achieves more than 6% agreement of those polled as being an issue Congress should do something about!