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Kerry contradicting Obama on Boston Terrorist?

Hmmm. We thought it was the Administration’s position that the Boston Bomber’s trip to Russia/Chechnya was not a training trip? AP story indicates otherwise:

“U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said after a meeting with his Belgian counterpart, Didier Reynders, that `’we just had a young person who went to Russia and Chechnya who blew people up in Boston. So he didn’t stay where he went, but he learned something where he went and he came back with a willingness to kill people.”

Boston Police Commissioner Clueless about Islamic Jihad

No matter how many hundreds of Islamic Jihadi attacks against the Western “infidels” occur, no matter how many times the Islamic jihadis state their reasons, there will be those like Boston Police Commissioner Davis who says his biggest question for the younger Tsarnaev is “why?” Buy a clue Commissioner. Islamic Jihadis demand conversion, submission or death for infidels, including women and children.